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Skin Care

Top 10 skincare tips for winter

by MohammadAli Kadiwal 06 Jul 2022

Snuggling up in cosy clothes and drinking warm beverages is why we love winters! But the
season can be hard on your skin, and you are left to deal with dry, chapped and itchy hands and
feet. Taking care of your skin is the first step to prevent this from getting worse. There are many
simple tweaks that will help you to adjust your skincare routine for the winter so that your skin
feels soft and supple. We've listed out the top 10 skincare tips that'll help you combat dry skin
this winter!

1.Use lukewarm water
We all crave for a steaming shower during the cold winter months. However, taking an
excessively hot shower can drain your skin of much-needed moisture. The best approach is to
use lukewarm water and limit the time for your shower to under 15 minutes. If the water is
turning your skin red, then it's too hot. Warm water is just as effective in cleaning your skin as
hot water, and it'll ensure that your skin retains some of its moisture.

2. Protect your skin
Make sure that you wear gloves, caps and shoes whenever you step out of your house. This is
important especially when you live somewhere that experiences extreme winters. Just simply
covering your skin against the bare outside air can save you tons of skincare treatments. During
winters, make sure that you don't forget your sunscreen with SPF, as the sun can still do a lot of
skin damage. You may also find products that combine moisturizers with SPF, which is a
preferable choice.

3. Choose skincare products wisely
Go through your regular skin care products and pick ones which work for you during winters.
The key here is to pick mild skincare products that can make your skin happy. Use humidifying
cleansers and toners. If you deal with acne, try going for products that contain glycerine,
hyaluronic acid, hydrating serums etc. Products that must be sparingly used during winters
include exfoliants, face masks or any product that contains alcohol.

4. Keep yourself hydrated
The air both inside and outside your house is dry during winters. This dry air leads to faster
water evaporation from your skin. Due to the cool temperature, this dehydration may not be very
obvious. Which is why you must keep your body well hydrated with fluids. Moisturizing creams

and lotions also help in externally hydrating your skin. You can also install humidifiers to
maintain humidity in an indoor environment during winters.

5. Take extra care of your hands
Your hands are often exposed directly to the cold air. They also contain fewer oil glands when
compared to any other part of your body. These factors make your hands highly susceptible to
scaling, itchiness and dryness. Make sure that you moisturize your hands often enough to keep
them from drying.

6. Don't forget to care for your feet.
You should go for products like petroleum jelly and glycerine to hydrate your feet during the cold
winters. Mild foot lotions and creams are effective in the summer, but they won't do much in
winter. Exfoliating the feet occasionally will help you get rid of dead cells, so that your feet
absorb moisture better.

7. Change your facial regimen.
Your face needs moisturizing during winters. You should try switching to cream-based
cleansers. Also, limit the application of toners, fragrances, or any products that contain alcohol
in their composition. Your skin will regain its natural oils if you use alcohol-free products during
the winter. Make sure that you pick a high-quality moisturizing cream/lotion for your face and
apply it before bed every night.

8. Avoid anything that irritates your skin
Wearing soft and comfortable clothing is very essential for your skin. The skin is very fragile
during winters, and rough clothes can lead to scaling, redness or peeling skin. Also, you must
avoid any fabrics that you are allergic to. People who are allergic to wool may go for cotton
winter clothes.

9. Take care of your diet
This one is a no-brainer, but eating a healthy meal will go a long way in maintaining glowing
skin. Incorporate tons of seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet. These fruits and
veggies will hydrate your body and restore essential nutrients to give you a glowing look. Berries
like strawberries and blueberries are abundant during winters, and they contain powerful
antioxidants needed by your skin.

10. Make sure you exercise
Winter makes us feel lethargic and cosy in our beds. But regular exercise is important for your
skin and body. When you exercise, your blood flow and breathing improve. This improved
blood flow benefits your skin. Sweating during exercise naturally opens up your clogged pores,
so you don't need to exfoliate as often.

That concludes our list of the top 10 skincare tips for this winter. These simple tips will make
your skin soft, smooth and happy. Do give them a try today!

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