Why should you Switch to Natural Skincare Products?

Jul 06, 2022

Why should you Switch to Natural Skincare Products?

Wondering why you should switch to natural skincare products? We’ve got the answer. Most of us are constantly using chemical-based makeup, fragrances, soaps, moisturizers and other skincare products, without thinking about what they do to our skin. Did you know that up to 60% of what you use and apply to your skin gets circulated in your bloodstream? Furthermore, around 80% of those synthetic ingredients are usually not tested properly for safety? What you use on your skin matters a lot. 

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Natural and organic skincare products have numerous benefits, in addition to being chemical-free. We've listed out some of the major benefits below to help you make a more conscious choice.

Natural Skincare Products Contain No Harmful Ingredients

Natural and organic skincare products are free from synthetic, harmful ingredients that are present in other products. Furthermore, these include chemicals like sodium laurate, mineral oils, toxins and parabens. It's impossible to even distinguish between each ingredient that goes into making synthetic skincare products. Using natural skin care products will make sure that your skin is safe from any harm.

Natural Skincare Products Smell Better

Natural skincare products are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients. Scents like rose, sage, lavender and chamomile are naturally pleasant and they can soothe and nourish your skin. In contrast, synthetic skin care products are either fragrance-free or just imitate natural fragrances. Nevertheless, you'll find that natural skincare products often smell much better.

Natural Skin Care Brands are Eco-Friendly

Natural skincare products are grown without using any fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Which reduces the level of toxins in the environment. This, in turn, helps reduce pollution in our environment. In addition to that, these products have very minimal carbon footprint which makes them great for our future. By using natural skincare products, you are contributing to sustainability and are protecting your environment.

Organic Skin Care is Gentle on Your Skin

Synthetic skin care products may produce instant results. However, they are harmful to your skin in the long run. Most chemicals act-fast, but end up damaging your skin and weakening the oxygen exchange through your pores. This leads to early ageing and wrinkles. Above all, aloe vera, coconut, cocoa and honey are natural ingredients that are proven to smooth, moisturize and nourish your skin without any side-effects.

There's a lesser chance of allergies, reactions and skin sensitivity with natural skincare.

Many of us are allergic to chemicals which are commonly found in non-organic skincare products. This may lead to redness, irritation, itching or other chemical effects on your skin. Natural products are easy on your skin, even if it's sensitive. They are paraben-free, a chemical which is commonly used to extend the shelf-life of non-organic products. Paraben can alter your endocrine system and lead to a disrupted hormone cycle. Natural products are free from ingredients that bring out harmful reactions in your body. While it is rare to have allergies from organic products a simple patch test will help you stay safer.

Natural Skin-Care is Kind to Animals

Skincare brands have faced a lot of backlash for testing their skincare products on animals for safety. Organic skincare products don't need to go through the same process. When you buy natural skincare products, you also help to establish an industry which is cruelty-free and safe for animals.

Better for the Long Run

Natural skincare products will give you excellent results, even when used in smaller proportions. Above all, as opposed to filler chemicals that do nothing for your skin, these are made up of 100% real ingredients. Natural skincare products are crammed with active ingredients, which means good value for your money. Furthermore, you won't have to deal with any harmful side effects. 

All Natural Skin Care Brands Care About You

Natural skincare is a relatively new phenomenon among the bigger brands. Most of the smaller skincare brands have made the switch to natural skincare. Most of these brands know exactly what goes into each batch of their products. Furthermore, a lot of them have taken inspiration from aromatherapy, herbal therapy and even pharmaceuticals. Organic and natural skincare brands are aware of what their customers want, and they work towards bringing high-quality yet sustainable skincare to you.

In conclusion, by switching to natural skincare products, you won't have to worry about chemicals, toxins are harmful substances entering your body and your environment. While the results of organic skincare are slow, they are long-lasting. Brands are increasingly switching to natural skincare, along with the use of biodegradable packaging. Invest in your health today and take a step towards making your skincare brand eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We hope to see you take a step with us too!