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What’s the best way to shampoo? According to the Experts

by Mohammad Abid Asamadi 16 Apr 2024

You’ve been shampooing for forever but have you been doing it right? Shampooing is an art and a skill and doing it right will help you use less product for more fabulous hair. While doing it wrong can damage your hair further ( yes, even if you use expensive products). What is truly the best way to shampoo according to the pros? 

Let’s find out. 

1) Know your hair type 

According to hairstylist Neil Grupp people have a hard time knowing what type of hair they have. He says that the first step is to figure out your hair type. 

“Do a ponytail test and see if the diameter of the pony is smaller than a quarter. That means you have fine hair. And a quarter or more means you have medium to thick hair,” he said.

2) Know that your hair is different 

According to hair colourist Cara Craig, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all shampoo or washing schedule. 

What this means is that you need to understand your hair and build a washing schedule and choose products according to what suits your hair. This will help you keep your hair strong and healthy. 

3) Use your shampoo and conditioner for what its made 

The shampoo and conditioners are made for specific parts of your hair, make sure that is what you use them for. 

Hairstylist Marc Mena said “Shampoo is made to clean the scalp, so that should always be your focus in the shower — not shampooing from top to ends” She went on to add that “The opposite is true for conditioner. Stay away from conditioning at the scalp and instead focus on mid-length to ends.”

4) Don’t be loyal to a conditioner 

Monahan said, “Always have two different bottles of conditioner in your bathroom. Alternate every two weeks to really see benefits,”. This will help you avoid your hair from getting too used to a certain conditioner and having to stick to it.

5) May the water temperature be with you

“For the best wash, use hot water while you cleanse to open the hair cuticle and use cold water to rinse conditioner to close the cuticle,” said Pearl.

Another pro tip is to use warm water to clean your hair if it has shampoo as this will allow for deep cleansing of your scalp. Then use cold water to close the cuticles and let the benefits of the conditioner stay in your hair. 

6) Wash your conditioner out 

Celebrity stylist David Babaii recalled an incident with Nicole Kidman.

“When I first started working with Nicole Kidman and I would come over to blow dry her hair, there was smoke coming out. You’ll might have a shot at your current chances wild life slot machine. She finally confessed that she didn’t rinse her conditioner out really well,” “The smoke that fills the room every time I blow dry your hair is just that. Conditioner, after a while, builds up and breaks your hair.”

Your conditioner is meant to be washed out and not stay in your hair. Keeping it for 3-5 minutes is enough to show its benefits. If there is leftover conditioner in your hair, over time it will break your hair. 

7) Know what you’re using

One of the most common suggestions by experts was to truly know what kind of shampoo you’re using. Make sure that your shampoo doesn’t have parabens and harmful chemicals. Try using natural shampoos as much as you can.

Craig, a hair expert, said “My general rule is to use a shampoo or cleanser that is high-quality and/or plant-based. Shampoos from the drugstore often contain silicones that can build up on the scalp and make hair limp and dry,” said Craig.

Silicones are known to truly damage hair and cause breakage over time. Do not use them.

For natural-based, 100% toxin-free, parabens free and vegan shampoos. Check out AlZIBA Care’s range of shampoos. Click here to check it out now.

8) The right way to wash 

Gently wash your hair with warm hair. Make sure you don’t rough up the hair cuticle. Simply go into your scalp and perform a side to side motion. Do not go round this will cause tangling in your hair. Use a two dime-size amount of shampoo so that you don’t overuse any product. Simple and gentle massages to your scalp will truly give your hair room to grow and will clean it without damaging it. 

Check out the link to truly learn to wash your hair better. 


Now that you know the best way to shampoo according to the pros you are equipped with the right knowledge to shampoo. We hope this helps you start a new journey with your hair and you see the difference in your hair. 

If you’d like to take one step further in your journey of happy and healthy hair check out AlZIBA Cares’ range of Vegan and toxin-free shampoos. Click here to check them out!
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