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What causes oily skin?

by Mohammad Abid Asamadi 01 Apr 2024

Does your face always look shiny or are you always prone to breakouts? While everyone has oil in their skin, some have a little more than a little oil. This can lead to blocked pores, shiny- greasy skin. What causes oily skin?

Let us take a deep dive into understanding what causes oily skin? 

What causes oily skin?

To understand your oily skin you must take the time to learn what are the common causes of oily skin. Once you understand the root cause taking the right action will be easier. Let us understand the common causes of oily skin – 

  1. Genetics 

While oily skin can be caused by your lifestyle choices a lot of it also matters on your genetics. If one of your parents has oily skin because of overactive sebaceous glands then it is likely that you will too.

  1. Age 

While age is a factor that affects everyone differently, age is actually on your side if you have oily skin. With time, your skin starts reducing the production of sebum. While people with dry skin are much more likely to show signs of ageing faster, you will have some time to get there because of your oily skin. 

  1. Environment 

Your environment or your location also plays a role in your skin type. If you live in hot or humid weather your skin will create more sebum, which will lead to more oil on your skin. While winter or frigid climates cause your skin to dry out and reduce the production of sebum. Causing your oil glands to go into overdrive.

  1. Enlarged pores 

Larger pores tend to produce more oil. While you cannot shrink your pores you can take care of your skin by blotting the areas throughout the day. Pores can usually be stretched out because of weight, age and more.

  1. Over-Washing your face

Taking care of your skin is a good thing but overdoing anything will cause problems. Simply put, don’t use a hard washcloth to wipe your face instead use a gentle towel to pat dry your skin. Don’t use too many harsh chemicals or exfoliators on your skin because this will lead to your glands overproducing oil. Make sure you are gentle with your skin and use products that are truly nice to your skin. 

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  1. Right Cosmetics

While makeup makes you feel great and you rock it, let’s be honest, it is chemicals that you are applying on your face. Make sure you use high-quality cosmetics and use the right base to build your cosmetics on. 

Always use a moisturizer, sunscreen and a primer to reduce the damage. Also, make sure that the products you use are right for your skin type. If you have dry skin and you use cosmetics for oily skin, it will dry your skin out leading to more damage.

  1. Hormonal Changes

For our younger readers, hormonal changes can make your skin switch types easily. Even if you are going through pregnancy or during menopause your androgens levels can be high. This is because they are responsible for oil production. Stress and illness can also cause extra hormones to be released and thereby the oil production of your skin.

  1. Skipping on moisturizer

It sounds counter-intuitive but if you have oily skin using a moisturizer is a must. In fact, if you’re using skin drying chemicals or facewashes you should absolutely follow it up with a moisturizer. A good moisturizer will create a layer of protection and hydrate your skin. You can try different kinds of moisturizers to see which one works well for your skin. Always keep it as the last step after cleansing and toning.

  1. Check your food and water 

Going back to the basics pay attention to what you’re eating and how much water you drink. According to experts not drinking enough water signal your glands to produce more oil for your skin. This leads to oily skin.

Furthermore, if you don’t indulge in the right kind of food i.e eating to much sugar, refined carbohydrates and dairy. It can lead to overactive sebum production.

The goal is to reduce the ques that the body gives you to eat or drink better. 


There you go, now you know all the things that cause oily skin. You will now know what causes oily skin. While oily skin is natural it can be hindering in everyday life. This is why you should truly take care of your skin and make sure it gets the right amount of love and care. With the right care, your skin will glow the way you want it to.

Which of these things did you not know? Comment below and tell us about your oily skin story.
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