ALZIBA Smooth and Shine Classic Clean Shampoo – 200ml


Get smooth, healthy and shiny hair with ALZIBA’s smooth and shine classic clean shampoo. This 2-in one shampoo + conditioner uses natural Argan oil extracts to give your hair a healthy glow. Suited for all types of hair.

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ALZIBA’s silky shine shampoo is here to take care of all your hair care needs. Al ZIBA’s Silky Shine shampoo nourishes, strengthens and gives your hair a healthy shine. This shampoo will reinvigorate your hair with its blend of high-quality natural ingredients. Its long-lasting conditioning will help your hair be nourished and manageable. Use this shampoo regularly and witness the magic.


  • A 2 in- 1 shampoo + conditioner to provide deep nourishment. 
  • Gives your hair a sleek and silky look. 
  • Nourishes brittle hair. 
  • Removes scalp buildup and unclogs pores. 
  • Deep cleansing and nourishment for damaged hair.


Argan Oil- Argan oil is enriched with antioxidants. These moisturize your scalp and give it a shiny look. Argan oil also protects your scalp from damage caused by UV radiation. 


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