ALZIBA Anti-dandruff shampoo for Dandruff Control – 200ml


Tired of dandruff? ALZIBA’s anti-dandruff shampoo is your answer. Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, this shampoo naturally combats dandruff without using any harsh chemicals. Suited for all hair types. 

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Deep cleanse your scalp. Say no to dandruff with ALZIBA’s anti-dandruff shampoo. Revive your scalp and get rid of dandruff, damaged, and frizzy hair. This conditioning shampoo will make your hair healthy, strong, smooth, and dandruff free. It deeply cleanses your scalp and gets rid of dandruff from its root. Get rid of dandruff now.


  • Works on both oily and dry dandruff. 
  • Effective dandruff control right from the first wash. 
  • Regular usage may even prevent dandruff recurrence. 
  • Has no harsh chemicals. 
  • Helps to soothe itchiness in your scalp. 
  • Effective for all hair types, and for treating hair damage and frizziness.


Tea Tree Oil- Tea tree oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It helps you to get rid of dead skin cells and buildup in your scalp, which is a frequent cause of dandruff. 


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