Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At we take the matter of protecting our user data (like your name, age, gender, email id, credit/debit card numbers, and merchandise product category preferences) very seriously.

Your personal information provided across our platforms can be used for one or more of the following Purpose/Purposes:

  • For marketing and promotional campaigns including emails, newsletters, and messages.
  • For helping you to participate in contests/offers
  • For completing your purchase transactions, applying loyalty points and discounts.
  • For understanding your purchase preferences.
  • For analyzing our customer demand to build products and services that meet your requirements better.
  • For facilitating feedback, returns, or product exchange.
  • For responding to your complaints and resolving them.
  • For improving our shop.
  • For helping you to participate in our customer research if needed.

With your permission, we may be able to directly communicate with you via different channels. These channels include but are not limited to, email, telephone, fax, text messages, and outlets, subject to your permission.

We use cookies to provide you with an optimized experience and store your history on our website. You may decline those cookies, but this may affect your user experience and/or transactions on our website.

We may store and process your information anywhere, as long as it serves the above-mentioned purposes.

1. Our Approach to Privacy
1.1 At, we value our customer’s privacy and understand the value of the privacy policy. Throughout this text, the words like “we”, “our” and “us” refer to ALZIBA CARES and any/all of our subsidiaries dealing with your personal information. Words like “you” and “yours” refer to the general individual customer, around whom this policy is framed.

1.2 This privacy policy underlines how we, at ALZIBA CARES, store and process your personal information by the applicable laws and regulations.

1.3 ALZIBA CARES takes the responsibility for all personal information disclosed on their platform by a user. This information includes the information shared with our vendors. “Vendors”, in this context, mean any individual or third party organization who might use your personal information for processing operations. In this context, processing refers to recording, storing or using your personal information anywhere for operations like-

Alteration and adaption of the information.

Analysis, use, and consultation of the personal information.
Disclosure of the information by making it available, it’s transmission or dissemination.

Combination, blocking, erasure, or destruction of personal information or data.

1.4 Under specific special circumstances, this policy may be clubbed, or be supplemented by additional policies. These supplementary policies/ short term privacy statements may be associated with a specific purpose (s) or various forms, wherever applicable.

1.5 ALZIBA CARES is the Master Franchisee for the ALZIBA CARES Brand in India. This brand is registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and is incorporated in India.

1.6 We take the best possible security measures for the protection of your personal information if it needs to be disclosed to a vendor.

1.7 By providing your personal information on your website, you automatically consent to its use, processing, collection, and/or disclosure for the above-mentioned purposes in the manner described.

About Information Collection
2.1 We communicate with our customers via a variety of channels. These channels include our physical stores, our websites, social media, and other internet platforms, customer loyalty schemes, telephone, fax, messaging, and emails among others. We prefer to relay most of our information via email. These channels of communication may seek to provide you with information, or collect information. Some of this information may be personally identifiable (refer to section 3) whereas some of this information may not be personally identifiable (refer to section 4).

2.2 We provide transparent information to our customers about why a piece of personal information is needed, and how it would be processed on our end.

3. Personal Information
3.1 At, we collect limited personal information, restricted to that which is needed for identification purposes. We do not directly or indirectly seek additional information unless it is provided to us voluntarily.

3.2 The exact details of personal information collected may vary according to your specific purpose and/or activity on our website. Some of this information is personally identifiable. This information most likely includes-

3.2.1 Name

3.2.2 Email Address

3.2.3 Phone Number

3.2.4 Location/ Physical Address

3.2.5 Gender

3.2.6 Date of Birth

3.2.7 Credit/Debit card information (Card Number and date)

3.2.8 Personal preferences like shopping preferences, cart, or language preferences.

3.2.9 Identification proof information/ ID card numbers.

4. Non-Personally Identifiable Information

4.1 Our websites are configured to collect a variety of non-personal information, along with the above listed personal information. Our website, like most websites today, may collect information like

4.1.1 Your Internet Service Provider’s Information (ISP)

4.1.2 Your IP address

4.1.3 The Domain Name of a website, in case the user lands via a linked page.

4.1.4 The date, time, and location when the site was accessed.

4.1.5 Information regarding site activities, such as visited pages, viewed images, and like products.

4.1.6 Your device operating system.

4.1.7 Your device type i.e A web browser or application access.

4.1.8 Content downloaded/uploaded from our site.

4.2 None of this non-personal information is connected (or will be connected) to the identities of users. This information is intended to be used for the analysis of site traffic, user demographic ranges, site purchase patterns, etc.

4.3 Your every individual visit to our website is logged anonymously. None of this non-personal information is connected to your personal information unless explicitly permitted by you. This anonymous usage data helps us to analyze and improve our website to optimize our user experience.

5.Collection and Usage of your Personal Information

5.1 At, your personal information is collected and utilized for one or more of the following purpose (s).

5.1.1 For completing sales and transactions, or for managing memberships/subscriptions or loyalty programs.

5.1.2 For direct marketing with your explicit permission

5.1.3 For understanding our user likes and preferences.

5.1.4 For increasing our sales

5.1.5 For research to develop products and services that meet your requirements better.

5.1.6 For allowing you to be a part of our contests and exclusive discounts.

5.1.7 For integrating our customers into research groups and focus groups related to our products.

5.1.8 For improving our shop.

5.1.9 For responding to your feedback and/or complaints.

5.1.10 For facilitating product returns or exchanges.

5.2 We usually retain your personal information only as long as strictly required for completing a specific purpose. This information is retained according to our internal guidelines and procedures, which adhere to the Indian laws.

5.3 We may be required to disclose your personal information if requested by law, or under the notice of any similar competent authority.

5.4 In certain scenarios, we may partner with third-party vendors/providers (not a part of ALZIBA CARES)to give our users exclusive opportunities. In such cases, you may choose to disclose your personal information with a third party to avail of the services/benefits offered. However, your personal information will never be disclosed without your prior approval.

5.5 You will always be allowed to exclusively consent/deny the sharing of your personal information with the above mentioned third parties. Any information shared by users directly to a third party is outside the provisions of our privacy policy. We cannot control how the third party retains or processes your personal information. We highly recommend reading the vendor’s privacy policy and terms of use before sharing information.

5.6 If you do consent to receive any communications, you can contact us to unsubscribe at any given time.

5.7 We will use your personal information only for a purpose that has been specified before-hand. Alternatively, we will use your information if it’s necessary for processing, entering into a contract for which you are a party, or performance according to the said contract for legal purposes.

6. Customer Consent (Unsubscribe)

6.1 At, will use your personal information only for one of the above-mentioned purposes or if required by law. For any other purpose, we will take your permission and preferences into account.

6.2 Your consent to provide your personal information is not a prerequisite for us selling our products, or you purchasing them; unless the information fulfils a specific and legitimate purpose.

6.3 We will explicitly seek your consent to opt-in for any marketing communications that happen from our end.

7. Accuracy of Information

7.1 At, we keep your personal information accurate, updated, and complete, taking our customer interests into account.

7.2 You, as a site user, are responsible for providing us with correct and complete details about your personal information, particularly concerning transactions and communication.

8. Accessing and Updating Personal Information

8.1 You have a right to view, change, update, or delete your personal information at any given time. You may also request an account of its use, or object to us processing it. This request for accessing your personal information stored by ALZIBA CARES must be made in writing. We have the right to ask you for reasons or additional information before fulfilling your requests in this regard.

8.2 When you demonstrate the inaccuracy or incompleteness of your personal information, we update the same in our databases. Based on your given data, we amend our records by adding, modifying pr retrieving your data. The same modifications would be shared with our third-party vendors or external entities if they are already maintaining your information. Past purchase information or transaction history may remain unchanged.

9. Changes in the Privacy Policy and Date of effectiveness

9.1 This Privacy Policy comes into effect from November 2020.

9.2 We reserve the right to change or update our privacy policy. In case of a change, users will be notified on the homepage of all websites of ALZIBA CARES or websites affiliated with it. Our official website homepage is located at the URL:

9.3 This update notification on our home page will carry information regarding our updated rules for dealing with your personal data, its storage, retrieval, processing, and sharing to our data centres and/or third party vendors.

9.4 If we wish to utilize your personal information for any additional purpose apart from those listed in this policy, we will notify you to seek your consent via email. In case we do not have your email, we can use alternative means of communication to contact you. We will only proceed with any additional usage (apart from those listed in this policy or our official terms of use, or communicated previously) when we get your consent.

How is your information secured?

10.1 ALZIBA CARES protects your personal information against unauthorized use, disclosure, access, or modifications. We also provide security to prevent loss or theft of said information and safeguard it in all formats and locations.

10.2 Inorder to safeguard your personal information, we provide various security measures, including, but not limited to, the following-

10.2.1 Technical measures like password encryption and security keys, which are industry standards.

10.2.2 Physical measures like restricting access for only authorized personnel, safety locks in cabinets, and intruder alarm systems.

10.2.3 Organizational measures like security clearance, divulging information only on a need-to-know basis, staff training, and confidentiality agreements.

10.3 We take our online data usage and security very seriously. All communications with our servers use authentication and encryption tools. Firewalls are used to block incoming attacks to our servers via malicious parties.

Credit Check and Fraud Prevention

We, at ALZIBA CARES, use industry-standard and verified payment services. Our fraud prevention policies and credit checks are in line with the policies of these payment services. Any arising disputes will be handled by Vadgam Gujarat courts.

Other uses of your personal information

ALZIBA CARES can also send you information about our products, website, other affiliated sites, email promotions, newsletters, SMS updates, or any similar material relating to our company or our partner companies. You may, however, choose to opt-out of any such communication by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button on our email and following the said procedure, or unsubscribe via SMS by following our outlined procedure. Please note that unsubscribing from one service does not unsubscribe you from all kinds of communications. Your request to not receive further communication will be addressed within 7 working days which are neither

Weekends i.e Saturday or Sunday.
Or any public holiday in India.
We may also choose to contact you for any clarifications if needed.


We offer detailed terms of participation concerning any competitions at ALZIBA CARES. We will use the data provided by you to notify winners and send promotional updates. All additional terms will be per our ‘terms of participation’ for that specific contest.

Third Parties and Links

We may exchange your information with other vendors, contractors, or companies that are a part of our group. This information will be only used for the purposes specified in our privacy policy. This information may be used to assist us with data analytics and processing, for completing your transactions, for assisting in delivering products to your location, fraud detection, credit and debit risk reduction, and so on. We may change ownership of the physical databases that contain your information if we sell our business or sell part of it. We will, however, NOT use your personal information for any other purpose (s) other than those specified in this policy, without your prior consent, unless required by law or any other term outlined in this policy.

Please note that we are NOT responsible for how your information is processed and handled on third sites linked to our website, third party campaigns or advertisements on our site, or third-party content providers with whom we share your information under the guidelines of this policy.


We have taken appropriate measures to safeguard your data from unlawful access. We have taken standard technical and security precautions. All communications to our servers are filtered through a firewall and are encrypted. All payment transactions on our website are secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. We also maintain applicable physical, electronic, and organizational security rules to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. We may occasionally ask for proof of identity before confirming transactions to maintain your security. We strongly encourage our users to never try to send us data via unofficial channels, which might be unencrypted and easy to hack. We also do not take responsibility for device protection and password protection on your machines. Note that whilst all of these security measures do not 100% guarantee your data security, they are stringent enough to discourage malicious activities and make it very hard to hack into.


By using our website,, and by submitting data to us or any of our partner companies, you agree to the use of your data according to the specifications of the privacy policy.

11. Contacting Us

If you have any questions, clarifications, or concerns concerning this privacy policy or its practices, please contact us at +91-9104687855 / +91-9104687955 or email us at

Policy updates

ALZIBA CARES reserves the right to change, update, and modify this privacy policy at any time, by giving a due intimation notice on our website. All of the said changes would be effective immediately.


ALZIBA CARES has copyright over this policy. It’s duplication or uses for commercial purposes by any third party may attract legal action.


If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Phone: +91-9104687855
Phone +91-9104687955
Email :
Time : 11:00 AM TO 6:00 PM (MON-SAT)