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The Science of Moroccan Argan Oil in Hair Care : Everything You Need to Know

by Mohammad Abid Asamadi 24 Mar 2023

Moroccan argan oil, also known as 'Liquid Gold', has rapidly grown to become one of the leading beauty ingredients in recent times. Famous among beauty gurus, celebrities, and experts alike, many skin and hair care products now boast the luxurious inclusion of Moroccan oil. This ingredient offers a lot of natural benefits, such as intensely moisturizing, nourishing, and conditioning your skin and hair. With the power of Moroccan argan oil, you can take your hair and skincare routine to a whole new level of luxury.

It's a natural oil derived from the kernels of argan nut, an ingredient that grows inside the fruit of the argan tree. It's native to Morocco, which explains why it gets its name. To get the oil, the fruits are dried under the sun, and then the nuts are extracted, cracked, and finally pressed to make sure all the oil is released. Its unique composition makes it a valuable and powerful oil with a variety of uses. Not only does it help condition and nourish both hair and skin, but it can also help boost moisture retention in them. So why not unlock the wonders of Moroccan oil and its amazing properties today?

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Not familiar with the profusion of advantages a bottle of argan oil provides? Let us provide you with a breakdown of its benefits for skin and hair, as well as a few tips on how to reap the maximum benefit from its use.

Moisturizes and Softens

Argan oil is full of fatty acids that help the skin and hair retain moisture. Argan oil is primarily known for its vitamin E content, which can help reduce dryness and protect the hair and scalp from damage. Additionally, the fatty layer it provides can help reduce fizziness and make the hair look shinier!

Improves Scalp Health

This natural oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can benefit the skin. In addition, argan oil may also improve or prevent common skin conditions like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Recent studies have shown that argan oil may also be used to treat dandruff. This may be due to its potential antifungal effects, as dandruff is often caused by yeast-like fungus on the scalp. Argan oil is easy to use, making it a great choice for those looking for a simple, natural way to take care of their hair.

Prevents Styling Damage

Rich in medium-chain fatty acids, argan oil acts as a protective layer for your hair, preventing damage from shampooing and styling. Research has found that oil treatments can improve combing force and prevent breakage due to heat styling. Not only that, but it can also reduce the formation of split ends and keep your hair looking thicker and healthier.

Applying argan oil can be a great way to reduce damage to your hair when undergoing a hair dye process. A study conducted in 2013 found that Caucasian hair became far less damaged when the oil was applied after the color processing. If you're undergoing a dye process, make sure to include argan oil in your post-dye care routine to ensure your hair stays looking and feeling its best!

Protects From Sun Damage

A 2013 study by Trusted Source revealed that its high antioxidant activity shields skin from free radical damage from the sun. This effect may also extend to hair, helping to defend against dryness and other damage caused by UV rays. Using argan oil in skincare and haircare could give your joints extra protection while also promoting health and vitality.

Prevents Hair Loss

Although there is no scientific evidence that argan oil directly aids hair loss, studies have shown that its powerful nutritive properties can help nourish and fortify your hair, protecting it from breakage and preventing hair loss. A 2010 research study by PubMed Central recognized the beneficial effects that Vitamin E, which is found in abundance in argan oil, has on hair growth. Thanks to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, argan oil can offer support for healthy and strong hair for every head of hair.

Incorporating argan oil into your beauty regimen can help to keep your hair moisturized and protected against styling damage and free radical damage. This can help reduce breakage and shedding, resulting in stronger and healthier locks!

How To Use Argan Oil For Hair

Are you interested in trying out the amazing benefits of argan oil for your hair? Using ALZIBA CARES argan oil shampoo and serum is a great way to give your hair a boost. From increasing moisture to adding deep nourishment, this oil is touted for its many benefits.

This incredibly nourishing duo provides a wealth of benefits, particularly for people with thin hair. Hair restoration is a key feature of the product, resulting in instant moisturization and shinier, healthier hair. Show off your luscious locks with renewed vibrancy and strength thanks to this amazing oil combo.

ALZIBA CARES offers two Argan Oil-based shampoos for different hair concerns- 

Smooth & Shine Shampoo With Argan Oil & D-PANTHENOL

This shampoo enhances shine, repairs damaged hair and gently cleanses hair with D-panthenol and argan oil for a healthier, strong, and shinier look.

Argan Oil and Biotin Shampoo with Pumpkin Seed Oil

This nourishing shampoo harnesses the power of pure Moroccan argan oil to intensely moisturize hair and make it fuller, thicker, and more elastic. Regular use promises to restore hair to its optimum health and create soft, touchable tresses

The Argan Oil hair serum contains almond oil and argan oil, which reduce frizz and breakage while promoting shiny hair. It helps to fortify hair structure, reduce split ends, and bring out natural shine. It is toxic-free and leaves hair feeling softer, smoother, and more manageable.

In Conclusion

Ready to make the leap toward the hair of your dreams? All you need to do is add an argan oil shampoo and serum from ALZIBA CARES to your shopping bag! These shampoos are specifically formulated to be nourishing and moisturizing, promoting hair growth and leaving you with enviable locks. Simply choose one that works best for your particular hair type and watch as instantaneous results take effect. Take the plunge and watch your hair flourish!
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