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by MohammadAli Kadiwal 06 Jul 2022

Of all the products you use on your hair, shampoo is probably one that’s used most frequently. Did you know that the right shampoo will make your hair easier to style and maintain? Oh yes, the road to luscious locks starts with one essential basic – a good wash with a nourishing shampoo. 

As a rule of thumb, a good shampoo is the one that will cleanse your scalp and remove leftover styling products, dirt, and excess oil without stripping your natural oils to leave your hair and scalp feeling dry and sensitive then, if you have hair goals you are trying to achieve (for example, you want luscious waves instead of frizzy curls), you will also need to look out for the ideal ingredients and properties that will help you to reach those goals whilst keeping your hair in a healthy and manageable condition and of course, avoiding harsh chemicals like Sulphates and Parabens. One such shampoo filled with the goodness of nature is Caffeine And Keratin Shampoo. 

Caffeine and Keratin For Hair Health 

A Caffeine and Keratin-infused shampoo can help maintain the smoothness and strength of your hair, but also prevent further damage as you continue your day-to-day styling or exposure to harsh environmental elements. Since it’s likely you either end or begins every day by shampooing your hair, why not use a product that will give it the strength it needs to look its best?

Using a shampoo that contains caffeine or coffee bean extracts stimulates hair growth. So, washing your hair with this type of cosmetic for about two minutes should significantly boost your hair health. The caffeine is absorbed even after rinsing the caffeine shampoo out. The active ingredient quickly moves through the hair shaft and goes directly to the hair follicles benefitting them at a deeper level. 

Get the best of both worlds (strength and smoothness) when you get the caffeine boost along with the nourishing effects of keratin. As a protein, the purpose of keratin is to treat your hair from the inside out and prevent it from further damage. Using a formulated shampoo that includes keratin protects your hair and makes them smooth, and shiny. 

Benefits of Caffeine and Keratin shampoo on hair

  • Stimulates hair growth 
  • Through a mechanism that involves molecular, cellular, and organ-level effects, caffeine can stimulate and energize hair.

  • Enhances hair shaft elongation 
  • Caffeine shampoo lengthens individual hair follicles, essentially stimulating hair growth from within.

  • Makes Hair Stronger 
  • One of the benefits of using keratin is for strengthening the hair and making it more resilient. It supports your hair’s natural structure without weighing it down so that you can grow your hair with a lesser chance of the strands breaking off. 

  • Extends the growth phase of the hair cycle
  • Caffeine in shampoo can prolong the anagen (growth phase) of the hair cycle. In hair loss, a disproportionate number of hair follicles in the resting (telogen) phase lead to hair fall.

  • Stimulates protein production
  • It regulates protein expression, gene expression, and protein secretion. This allows keratin and other proteins to be produced in sufficient quantities.

  • Increases the number of keratin-producing cells
  • It inhibits the death of keratinocytes (cells that produce keratin). Keratin is a vital protein found in hair that gives it strength and structure.

    Achieve Hair Goals with AlZiba Cares Caffeine & Keratin Shampoo

    Al Ziba Cares Caffeine And Keratin Shampoo is infused with Niacinamide and Saw Palmetto Extract, this infusion helps you reap benefits that nourish and condition the hair. This helps it look shiny and smooth. It also helps to improve hair texture and protect against damage. The result: more manageable, softer, and healthier hair.

    Intense Damage Repair Formula 

    Al Ziba Cares Caffeine and Keratin Shampoo provides an extra layer of protection and conditioning the hair might need if it’s been damaged by chemical treatment or product buildup. It also works to replenish the hair during specific seasons and conditions when it is prone to be extra dry. Make sure when you lather up, that you’re distributing the product from root to tip. The more brittle parts usually hang out at the bottom, so make sure you don’t miss the pieces that might need it most.

    Maintaining the health of your hair helps prevent split ends and breakage, by giving it an extra boost of energizing ingredients. This shampoo is especially helpful if you want your hair to grow longer. Using it as part of your regular shampooing routine will start to deliver results you’ll be able to see and feel.

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